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Our company is one of the most trusted food production  companies in Egypt and the world, we achieve that by keeping the happiness and the satisfaction of our customers, suppliers, partners and employees in the forefront


To achieve long-term growth and sustainability by offering the best quality as well as finest flavor and ingredients to the marketplace.


To improve  our methods to ensure the supply sufficiency, quality consistency, price affordability, safety assurance and natural resources protection while delivering the maximum levels of fresh product  and tasty flavor from seed to shelf.   WHY

Core belief

Our products are a reflection of what we believe in and how we see the world. We strive to base our operation on values, experience and knowledge of people needs and market inquires at the same


Actualizing our vision by upgrading our facilities with the latest technologies. Expanding our products reach to cover the increasing demand in the global market. Developing our products and services as required by today’s conditions. Maintaining the

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